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The timber used is Scandinavian Redwood (Pinus Sylvestris) selected from the best grades and grown in Finland. Growing slowly in a colder climate the timber produced is considerably denser than faster grown equivalent material in the UK or other more temperate regions. Being slower grown the annual growth rings are closer than in the UK which allows less moisture penetration and makes the timber easier to plane to a good quality finish.The trees used grow very straight in the harsh climate with limited daylight and the weight of ice and snow breaks the branches off the trees so that there are less knots in the timber and all the growth goes into the trunk part of the trees which usually only have a small bushy top. Historically because of the straightness and strength this timber was used for masts and spars on sailing ships and many UK ports still have a Baltic Quay where this timber was unloaded. The timber is harvested and replanting is carried out under the National Finnish Forestry directives in order to protect this valuable resource for the future to the economy and to protect other biodiversity and habitat in the forest areas.The timber is certified as sustainable under the PEFC scheme.

Timber Preparation and Pressure Treatment

The timber is placed in racks with separating battens in a sealed cylinder. Under vacuum the natural moistures are sucked out of the wood and then the cylinder is flooded with EU approved timber preservatives usually Tanalith E or Wolmanite. Under pressure the treatment is forced into the timber. On removal the timber must be dried thoroughly before being wrapped for dispatch to the manufacturer. The treatment is designed to protect the wood from rot or decay for up to twenty years.

Joints and Fittings

The main joint work between the seat part and the seat back is made using a closed mortice joint. In some other ranges there are either no joints and two pieces of timber are simply bolted together or there are half butt open joints exposed at every point.The closed mortice joint is far stronger and much longer lasting. On assembly of the chairs and benches the leg bolts fit either side of the closed joint making it virtually impossible to come apart or loose. The fittings used are supplied from Finland where the specifications are for the harsher climate. For example in the case of the galvanising it is completed to a greater thickness than in the UK. Galvanising is used for bolts and all bracketry, and in different products either stainless steel or cone headed galvanised screw nails. Stainless steel chains are used for swing seats.


Fabrics are available in any combination for cushions and canopies.

Cushion Fabrics are 100% Acrylic as soft as cotton drill but non rot, non fade and non mildew. Cushion Fabrics are Olefin (100% polyester) as soft as cotton drill but also non rot, non fade and non mildew. Cushion fabrics are for outdoor use only. The filling is polyester fibre which does not hold water allowing it to dry quickly. The cushions can also be dry cleaned, and spots can be washed with warm soapy water and rinsed by hose.

Canopy Fabrics are usually selected as woven mesh pvc coated polypropylene for outdoor use only.

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